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tv   9 On Your Side News 7  ABC  February 3, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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tom looklive up in flames... the man whose car caught fire in the massive i-75 pileup talks about the scary moment he realized he was locked inside. an suv slams into an apartment complex in westwood.chopper 9 the only local helicopter getting you breaking news first has this exclusive look at the crash on mchenry avenue. avenue.that's where we find
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with the damage done to the building. it all began when as driver in his 70's started to pull out of this driveway on mchenry avenue near westwood northern boulevard.something happened and instead of turning left or right, he shot straight ahead. the suv crashed through a brick wall and was almost entirely inside the ground floor apartment.tow trucks had to attach chains to the underside to try and get it out, but even they had a tough time making it move.two trucks in tandem finally did the trick.johathan james was inside that apartment and he knows he's a lucky man tonite. once the vehicle was gone james took a second look and couldn't believe that the bed he once slept on was covered in debris that once was the wall of the buildilng. i talked with one of the
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had a civil engineer here. things will be boarded up and shored up and james and his wife will be spendign the night in a hotel. tonight a man whose car turned into a fireball yesterday after a six car crash is talking about those scary moments.brandon ridener says he tried braking... but his tires started slipping on oil on i-75. inside his rental car, brandon says his friend's airbag went
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moment after impact, he says smoke began to pour from the hood. "soon as i hit - the flame underneath the hood starts immediately - and my friends like oh get out so he gets out immediately - i try to get out - the doors not opening - i have to kick the door open - i finally get out then car bursts bigger flames" despite what happened- brandon says he was the only person cited in that crash. he's now planning to fight the ticket in court. the family of the mother of a two year-old police found wandering around an apartment complex in westwood- posted her bond this afternoon. 9 on your side's t.j. parker was in court today, and spoke with her family members who say- despite everything- she's a good mother. t.j.: "tanisha caldwell made her first court appearance- this afternoon- here at the hamilton county justice center. i spoke with her family- who say they're hopeful she's learned a lesson." caldwell appeared
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she was charged with child endangerment. police say caldwell's two year old son was found walking around stathem cove apartments, early yesterday morning, with no shoes or socks on. the officers- quickly picked him up- bought him clothes- and took him to district three until his mother arrived. police tell 9 on your side- when caldwell came to pick him up- she was intoxicated. family members defended her in court today- saying- she was asleep- and the toddler snuck out through an unlocked door. "34:56 i'm glad it was the outcome like it was and i appreciate the judge being lenient and gave her the benefit of the doubt because it could've been worst than it is" t.j.: "right now- the boy is staying with family. the judge, today, says for right now, caldwell can't have contact with her son. reporting downtown, t.j. parker, 9 on your side." police say an ohio seminary student who's accused of going to mexico with plans to rape and molest infants also tried to have contact with children in ohio. police in steubenville say joel wright
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ofering to pay parents up to 150 dollars to let him babysit their children. wright was arrested friday by homeland security while boarding his connecting flight to mexico. the driver who took police on that high speed chase through ohio, kentucky and indiana yesterday is also wanted for a shooting in dayton and felony charges in court today... the judge set anthony knight's bond at 750-thousand dollars.during yesterday's chase, one of knight's passengers recorded it on a cell phone ... the other two men in the car were also arrested.according to hamilton county police those suspects have gang ties to montgomery county ... and warrants out for burglary and assault. a homeowner shoots two intruders in covington.police say two people broke into a home on warren street overnight.. and the homeowner grabbed his gun and shot them. police say both will be okay. officers are investigating the circumstances of the break-in and the shooting.
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alcohol is suspected in the deadly bus crash in union township. township.21-year-old taylor dickey died after she crossed the center line... hitting a school bus on ohio 55 last thursday.police found beer cans in the car... and say she was driving 101 miles per hour. she was ejected for the car. nine children on the bus were treated for minor injuries. an anderson township attorney is suspended from practicing law tonight for forging his client's signatures on documents. documents.edwin vardiman junior admits to the violations that will keep him out of court for six months. but he is blaming attention deficit disorder for part of the problem.this is centers around two cases... a will and power of attorney case in hamilton county... and a child support case in warren county. a bank robbery suspect is caught... how police were able to track down a man who led them on an early morning chase. dropping out... with rand paul no longer running for president... what its mean for
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caucus... and is paul still footing the bill? we're getting the answers next. steve? as we head to break... a story trending on our website right now... home depot is adding 600 positions for its 13 greater cincinnati stores. this-- as home depot prepares for its busiest shopping season.learn how to apply now
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a suspected bank robber is behind bars tonight in boone county.police say the robber hit the fifth third bank on mount zion road near florence this morning.officers chased christopher turpin... who crashed in elsmere. officers arrested him as he tried to run one was hurt a new shopping center and kroger marketplace might be coming to west chester afterall. afterall.the township's board of trustees had denied a zoning request to bring the grocery store to the corner of 747 and tylersville was the subject of a heated meeting last march.the development company even filed a lawsuit over the decision. decision.but there's now talk of reversing that decision. a vote is scheduled for later this month. west chester's board of trustees is expected to allow the area to be rezoned for the kroger. kentucky senator rand paul is switching his focus to his re-election... as he drops out of the presidential race. despite this latest development, the first ever
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will go on as scheduled in march. march.remember the caucus was formed to allow paul to run for both president and senate. paul is still giving the money he promised to pay for the caucus even though he is dropping out.paul had this message to his supporters. 1:27-1:44it has been a privilage ... the united states senate senaterick santorum also dropped out of the race. political analysts say the upcoming new hampshire primary is ohio governor john kasich's best chance to make a move in race. many tri-state athletes lived out their dreams today... the big moments from national signing day coming up. up.also-- a police officer tries to talk a woman out of stealing a car.. but she hangs
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bizarre story after the break. falling temperatures... it has been getting a little cooler all day... 9 first warning meteorologist steve raliegh is in next with just how cold it
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at 7! a middletown woman is facing charges after police say she hung up on a detective trying to talk her out of stealing a car. car.police say april horsby took off with her now ex- boyfriend's car when he went
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car payment.mike white says he tried to get her to bring it back... "i've called her text her and she said honey well i'm on my way i'll be there in a little bit and never showed up." up."a detective called her and told her she'd be charged if the car wasn't brought back... but she hung up on the officer. now... five days after the car was taken... white says hornsby brought his car back... but there is still a warrant out for her arrest. it's signing day for high school athletes -- a big day for students as they announce their college of nine on your side sports director john popovich tells us it is a dream come true not only for the athletes but their families as well. it's really a lot like the nfl's best to check back in a few years to see who did well and who fouled up. this is signing day....athletes take a deep breath and sign their name for college.scenes like this took place all over greater players
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unsuaul was david montgomery of mount healthy. he and longtime friend deshaunte jones of colerain will play at iowa state.-or how about prince sammons, who just started to play football a few years ago at tiny chca. he's doing heading to big time auburn.-but certain schools came in and did well again..brock davin of st x and drue chrisman of lasalle will go to ohio state-one that got away from the buckeyes is massive elder tight end tommy kraemer who committed to notre dame 16 months ago...he never changed his mind.john popovich, nine on your side. our coverage of signing day continues on wcpo-dot-com... take a closer look at how local colleges and university's fared today... and where all the high school athletes are headed next year.
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reporter mike dyer has all the coverage on wcpo-dot-com. right now a fundraiser is underway to help a family as their son battles a deadly disease.9 on your side's ashley zilka is in liberty township where people are helping a boy battling a rare form of cancer. kyler strong. two powerful words here in liberty township. kyler bradley's supporters out in full force at la rosas. a big applause for 10 year old kyler as he arrived at his own fundraiser. his mother- emotional. sot: rebecca bradley: mother 22:51 it was amazing. it was one of those things you just didn't expect. i didn't know the turnout would be this much. kyler is battling the same type of brain cancer that claimed lauren hill's life. fundraisers like this one have become a trend for the bradley family. with every pizza..comes a donation. it's a way for kyler and his family to focus on his health..and not worry about medical expenses. colton mcclure- 8 years old 11:23 i am kyler's friend and i came to support him. 26 kyler's mother says the community gives them strength every single day.
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amazing. i mean i never known anything ever like this. to be caught in a situation that we are in and with a child that has cancer everybody's love and taken him in as their own it's speechless. 22 ashley the fundraiser continues until 11 tonight. the community has raised well over 100,000 dollars for kyler and his
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as florida declares a health emergency due to the zika virus... a new warning from the cincinnati health department today. today.also change of plans... just as an agreement had been reached to keep an ohio officer and his k-9 partner together... we'll tell you who
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today the cincinnati heath department is increasing its warning to people after news that the zika virus can be spread by sexual contact. contact.the cincinnati medical director is recommending men who've been to any area experiencing an outbreak and exhibiting symptoms to abstain from sex with pregnant women or women who might be getting pregnant.the first case of the virus being sexually transmitted was reported in dallas.most cases are transmitted by mosquitos. an apparent deal to keep a retiring ohio police officer with his k-9 partner has fallen through.the city of marietta had agreed to keep the officer on as a volunteer so he could keep the dog.but officer matt hickey says he retired for health reasons and
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hickey has offered to buy the dog but the city says it has to be auctioned off because it is considered city property. there is a go fund me page that has tens of thousands of dollars to help hickey pay for the dog. cincinnati is front and center in another movie that is getting a lot of attention.the first trailer for the don cheadle film "miles ahead" is creating a buzz with movie critics.the miles davis bio-pic was shot right here in cincinnati and shows off many parts of the city.critics have been buzzing about the film since its debut at the sundance film festival.the
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that is 9 on your side at 7 for this wednesday.updates on all of our top stories right now on wcpo dot com.steve, tanya and craig are back at 11. i'll see you tomorrow at
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